Food Photographers in Singapore

No words can describe dishes better than the right photos. We know how make the picture look as good or even better than the dish tastes. And we can share our experience with you.

We don’t just photograph the food, we style and present it in the most delicious way possible to get your clients want it.

Do you need bold but delicious pictures for menu or catalogue? Or bright and stylish magazine ad? We can help!


Shooting on white background

This shooting is a great choice for online stores, supermarkets or restaurants. Chose it if you need simple, bright, but gorgeous catalogue or menu. High-quality, delicious and realistic pictures. Best options if your budget is limited.

Food Advertisement

If your chef’s dishes is a work of culinary art and you want the photographer to depict it, this shooting is right for you. It requires more thorough preparation and use of creativity .

All Inclusive

Images that not only boost your appetite, but tell a story about tastes, seasons and aesthetics. Can be compared to marketing strategy. We invite an awesome chef and amazing food-stylist. And they make those miracles happen.




shooting on white background
from 40 SGD/item
  • Usually used for catalogues and online stores. The images can be then cut and pasted into any other background.
  • The props, food-stylist, chef and shooting area can be upgrade options.
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not simply food shooting, but a whole story
from SGD 60 / item
  • Artful photography, usually used for restaurant menus and social networks.
  • We will bring our props to make your dishes even more sophisticated and fascinating and to create the right mood.
  • Food-stylist, chef and shooting area can be upgrade options.
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creating image and story, developing style
from SGD 100 / item
  • Artful photography, usually used for restaurant menus and social networks.
  • We will bring our props to make your dishes even more sophisticated and fascinating and to create the right mood.
  • Chef (in necessary) and food-stylist service is included to the package.
  • Fully equipped shooting area can be an upgrade option.
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*Prices are applicable for minimum order of 30 items

One of the key success factors of our company is delicious and good looking food. And it is important for food images to depict it in the best possible way. From our opening up till now Photty is doing great job. We trust them all our food-shootings - the guys have excellent sense of style and make mouth watering shots. Our cook book is a perfect proof for it .

Alex Blanc

Co-Founder, CulinaryOn

I am more than happy we worked with Photty for photoshoot for our restaurant complex. The shooting process was not easy, but the guys did the brilliant job. The menus look bright, stylisj and high-quality. Now it is hard for our guests to resist the temptation to order such an appetizing dishes. By the way, the profit on the updated menu incresed by 45%!

Olga Koporoh

Marketing Manager, Артурс, Village & SPA Hotel


What kind of shootings do you do?

We work with event, family, portrait, food and weddings photographers.

Do you shoot corporate events?

We do a lot! Last year we have shot more than 1000 events – around 700 of them were corporate events or special events.

When will I receive my amazing pictures?

In case of event photography you will receive it within 48 hours, usually faster ;)

What if my photographer gets ill?

No worries, we are a company – your professional photographer is always on time.

Do you need photographers?

Sure, send us your portfolio and let’s have a conversation.

Do you work in Singapore?

For the moment we offer professional photographers in Singapore and Moscow (Russia), and we have plans to expand :)

What is the price?

We are affordable photographers ;) Our price for event photography start from SGD 75 / hour, the minimum order is 3 hours.

Why you are so cheap? Will I have a worse photographer?

We are international company, this lets us to edit pictures where it’s cheaper and faster ;) No worries, you will have a good photographer working for you!

What's inside the package?

Photographer, editing, transportation costs – everything is included, no surcharges.

Can I have a book afterwards?

Sure, let’s plan it! We design the tailor-made layout, print it and deliver it to you.

Have any other question? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we love to be helpful ;)









*The "early birds" discount applies to clients who book a photographer 30 days in advance when the deal is at least SGD 600 before the discount.